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Monday, 15 October 2018

  1. Internet-based companies have to be very careful not to release ________ information about their customers.


All four words share the same origin, but only one of them works in this sentence.

(D) sensitive is the right answer. Sensitive means, in this context, 'personal, private, needing to be kept secret'.

  • The secret agent passed a large amount of sensitive documents to his government.
  • I don't want you to read my emails. There's some sensitive information in there.

(A) sensible doesn't work because it means 'reasonable, logical, normal'.

  • Jonathan is a very sensible child and would never do anything dangerous like playing on the railway tracks.
  • I asked Alicia if she would like to go to the cinema and then have a drink, but she sensibly pointed out that we have an exam first thing tomorrow morning.

(B) sensual is incorrect because it descibes things that give physical pleasure, especially sexual pleasure.

  • He kissed her neck in a very sensual way.
  • If prepared right, chocolate can be a very sensual dessert.

(C) sensed doesn't work because it is a past participle and can't be used as an adjective.

  • I had sensed the cat's presence long before it entered the room.