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Wednesday, 23 October 2019

  1. You should really think ________ investing in new production software. The programme we're using now is quite out of date.


The statement should be understood as encouraging the listener to invest in new software. This is indicated in part by the second sentence which points out the problems with the current software. This context will influence the choice of preposition.

(B) about is the correct answer. Think about is a common phrasal verb with several uses. It can mean to remember things from the past:

  • I was thinking about our holidays in Sicily last year. What a laugh!

or imagining things about the future or an alternative reality:

  • Have you ever thought about what life would be like without computers?

The meaning that is relevant here, though, is "consider a suggestion", or "consider a course of action":

  • You might want to think about doing a management training course.
  • They thought about buying a company in Eastern Europe to help them expand, but decided it was too risky.

(A) of is incorrect because it doesn't have the same meaning of "consider taking an action". It has many different uses, but more commonly means "find an idea":

  • I've thought of a great way to save money!

or "have an opinion":

  • What do you think of Lady Gaga's new album?

or "remember":

  • Why am I smiling? Oh, I was just thinking of when Peter was younger and he used to hide your car keys in with his toys.

(C) to is wrong because "think to" usually means "remember to do something that you have to do":

  • I went to Tesco's this morning but I didn't think to buy any wine for tonight's party.

Think to is followed by an infinitive rather than a gerund.

(D) over doesn't work because it means "consider the risks of something".

  • I want to leave my job and set up my own company, but I need to think things over first.

It isn't normally used with a verb.